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Disaster Recovery

Safewise - Disaster Recovery

Recently I undertook site audits for a client who is helping with the Edgecumbe disaster recovery. It was very interesting to see the damage, and the clean-up which is underway. It was also heart breaking looking at the mess - the damaged houses were somebody’s pride and joy.

Whilst I was in Edgecumbe, I heard a lot of people saying that no one could have predicted the floods. That may be true, but, as business owners or managers we should be identifying the potential emergencies that could occur in our business, and putting an action plan in place to manage them. There will be some standard emergencies, such as falls, medical events and fire. There will also be business specific emergencies, e.g. working in confined spaces. However, we need to think about natural disasters.

What would we do if a disaster struck? How will we care for our workers? How will we know remote workers are safe? Do we have sufficient supplies to survive if we can’t leave our work premises?

Something to think about…

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