Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze
Health and Safety Consultants New Ze





Safewise consultants are trained and experienced auditors. Auditing is a great tool to benchmark your organisation, or as a gap analysis. We also undertake best practice audits to identify areas of compliance and make recommendations for improvement. Find out more here.



Accident investigation is a key tool in identifying hazards in your organisation. Safewise consultants have over 15 years in accident investigation experience and are ICAM trained. Find out more here.



Safewise is able to deliver a range of training courses directly to your organisation. These can range from hazard/risk management to accident investigation to contractor inductions. Find out more here.


Safewise delivers seminars to help organisations understand health and safety better. Our seminars are interactive so you can discuss your concerns and get some answers.

Find out more here.



Safewise works with many clients offering an ongoing support consultancy. This service is great for organisations who want to strongly embed health and safety, but recognise that they do not have the knowledge or the time to do so. Find out more here.



Safewise offers a range of services to one-off clients. These include: developing full health and safety systems, carrying out training, accident investigation and site reviews. We also offer other consultation routines. Find out more here.




Running a business is a complex task. Business owners have to know, and understand, many, many different things from accounting to marketing, from HR to health and safety. At Safewise we recognise that it is impossible for a business owner to be all things and we offer a simple, affordable solution. Just as you use an external qualified accountant or lawyer, you can use Safewise to assist with your health and safety requirements.


Safewise works with businesses in many different industries. We believe that business owners know their business and we know health and safety – a perfect match. We are also very good at researching and understanding the approved codes of practice and guidelines you have to comply with.


Our clients range from hairdressers to engineers, from panel beaters to adventure parks, from builders to boutiques.


We work with our clients to develop and implement practical systems which meet the legal requirements set by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. We also carry out various other services, such as audits, accident investigation and training.

Our staff are qualified, skilled, experienced. We are comfortable working in any industry and we bring professionalism and enthusiasm to any project.

Safewise is a member of NZISM (New Zealand Institute of Safety Management), IMNZ (Institute of Management New Zealand), Standards NZ, EMA (Employers and Manufacturers' Association) and Waikato Chamber of Commerce.


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1/1134 Victoria Street, Whitiora, Hamilton, 3200, New Zealand

Freephone:  0800 SAFEWISE (7233 9473)

Office: 07 850 4387


8:00 AM - 5.00 PM

Monday - Friday



By Appointment

Alternatively, contact Tracey on 027 474 4689,
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