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Daylight saving has started – summer is on the way. We are enjoying the extended daylight hours in the evenings. There seems to be m

uch more opportunity to spend time outside after work. We are starting to prepare our summer bodies with walks, bike rides and Zumba classes. The Zumba classes are great fun but very challenging for the less coordinated amongst us!



Our quiz night fundraiser is booked. We will be at the Keg Room, Rototuna on the 14th of October at 6.30pm. Please click on the link to see the invitation. We would love to see you there.

Huggable Hearts. Huggable Hearts is a family-run organisation providing grieving families who have lost a baby with a fabric heart made to their angel's birth. They operate solely by donation. This can be fabric, filling, rice or money.



Each month one of our consultants (Tracey, Chantelle or Patricio) will provide you with a snippet of health and safety information. This month Tracey will chat about what she has been up to.

Tracey’s Tales

I am often asked about having a health and safety system. Many people tell me that they have one, everyone just knows what to do. Unfortunately, this is not a system. It relies on people knowing and remembering the same information as everyone else.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a system is “an organised set of ideas or theories or a particular way of doing something”. It is generally accepted that a system is documented. This ensures that the same information is available in the same format for everyone. There should be an induction process, so your workers know what that information is, where to find it and how to implement it. A system doesn’t work if only management know about it.

The health and safety system should include information on managing all aspects of health and safety relative to your business. Generally, this includes information on how to manage workers, hazards, accidents, emergencies and contractors. Another very important aspect, which is often forgotten, unless the system is developed by a professional health and safety practitioner, is the management of the system itself.

I’m also asked who should have a system. The short answer is pretty much everyone. A system is required if an organisation employs staff or uses contractors. People who have no staff or contractors should still have a system if they interact with others as part of their work, particularly if the work or workplace has hazards


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