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Life never stands still. This is as true at Safewise as anywhere. Last year we re-wrote our health and safety system so that it meets the new ISO 45001: Occupational health and safety management systems standard. It has been reviewed by an independent auditor who gave us valuable advice to refine it. The whole team are working on this, ensuring we get a range of approaches. This is a lot of fun and involves a lot of cake!​



Planning is underway for our charity event. Chantelle, as the Safewise champion for Huggable Hearts, has chosen a quiz night. Watch this space for more information. We hope you will attend, have fun, maybe win a prize (we’ll have prizes for the most interesting answers as well the correct ones!) and support a charity which helps grieving families.

Huggable Hearts. Huggable Hearts is a family-run organisation providing grieving families who have lost a baby with a fabric heart made to their angel's birth. They operate solely by donation. This can be fabric, filling, rice or money.



Each month one of our consultants (Tracey, Chantelle or Patricio) will provide you with a snippet of health and safety information. This month Chantelle will chat about what she has been up to.

Chantelle’s Chat

I have been in the health and safety industry for nearly 7 years now and this is one thing I have come across in all the different workplaces I have been in.

People seem to have a misunderstanding about reporting incidents in the workplace, where they believe that only major incidents need to be reported or that hazards or near misses don’t have to be reported.

Minor incidents could lead to much bigger injuries along the line. For example, a small cut can cause an infection, or a small leak that comes into contact with an electrical cable could lead to the workplace burning down / fatalities.

To strive for a positive H&S culture it is important to have worker by in. If workers are confident in their organisations H&S processes more incidents and hazards will be reported preventing catastrophic events from occurring.

You can promote this type of reporting by ensuring that there is an adequate H&S system in place to report incidents and hazards. It is also very important that you have a proper reporting system in place where you ensure that when corrective actions are implemented and that you do a follow up to ensure that the corrective action that you have put in place are effective.


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