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Monday was officially the first day of winter, fog is a major driving hazard in the Waikato. Fog can be one of the most dangerous weather conditions to drive in due to its ability to significantly reduce your visibility. Fog consists of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air just above the earth's surface.

It is heavily influenced by nearby bodies of water and landscape which is why the Waikato region is so affected by fog.

Tips to help with driving in the fog:

  • Dip your lights. If you drive with your headlights on full, the light will just reflect back to you. Use fog lights if you have them.

  • Slow down. With visibility reduced, you need to allow yourself enough time to react. Do not use cruise control as this also reduces your ability to react quickly.

  • Focus on the road. Turn down the radio and keep conversations to a minimum so you can keep your attention on driving.

  • Open your window. This will allow you hear other traffic on the road.



In case you didn't know, we sell a range of products that can assist you with implementing your health and safety system.

Ladder stickers - $4.00*

Take 5 booklet - $12.50*

Driver packs - $25.00*

Signage available - Price and size vary

Hazard boards

CAUTION Slippery when wet (A-frame floor sign)

Assembly point

NO ENTRY Authorised Personnel Only

WARNING Machinery Operating

HAZARD Asbestos


Eye Protection must be worn

Hearing Protection must be worn

Eye and Hearing Protection must be worn

*Prices exclude GST and postage


MEN'S HEALTH WEEK (15th - 21st JUNE)

This month we have Men's Health Week Follow the link below and complete the men's health survey. They have teamed up with Unichem and Life Pharmacies - when you take in your survey results into participating pharmacies, you can receive a free blood pressure check and a pharmacist can make further recommendations on how you can look after your health.



We hosted a baby shower for Sara before we farewelled her at the end of May as she has now gone on maternity leave. Sara will join us in the Safewise office again at the end of October.


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