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Wow, what a surreal feeling this is. It is totally different from what we thought April would look like a month ago! Currently, we are in a nationwide lock down for at least four weeks. This is New Zealand's way to stop the spread of Covid-19 and our best chance at keeping as many Kiwi's as possible safe and healthy and minimise the impact.

Throughout this lockdown period, we have and will be a lot more active on our Facebook page. This is how we will keep you updated with tips and information that will assist in keeping you, your team and your family healthy, safe and connected not only physically but mentally. This information is also being added to our website. Click the links below to take you directly to our Facebook page and website.



Working from home will be new to many people during this time, so here are a few ergonomic tips on how to set up your work space at home: • Ensure that the top of your monitor or laptop screen is at eye level which will help to prevent neck and back strain • Put your arm out in front of you, you should be able to just touch your screen. Adjust how far away your screen is to prevent leaning forward and straining your back • Keep your knees, hips and elbows at a 90 degree angle as much as possible when sitting • Sit upright with your head in a line with your shoulders and hips Keep your keyboard and mouse close to prevent over-stretching • If needed, place a thin pillow on your seat to help make the chair more comfortable • Most importantly, keep moving. Take regular breaks, make a coffee, got for a walk in the garden, stretch your legs. Sitting in the same position all day can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain. Our bodies are made to move.



HOLLY BLYTH Compliance Assistant - BMS Holly joined the Safewise team as our Compliance Assistant. In 2018 Holly completed a Bachelor of Business Management with a major in Human Resource Management through the University of Waikato. Through her degree Holly realised that she had a passion for health and safety and is developing a good understanding of the sector's principles through her role at Safewise. In her position as Compliance Assistant Holly is required to keep up to date with industry changes to ensure we are providing the most current and relevant information to all our clients.





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