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Safewise works with a number of clients offering an ongoing support consultancy. We develop your health and safety system, facilitate safety meetings, review your training, update your hazard risk register and investigate your accidents. Organisations who use this service get a good grounding in health and safety. They find their business becomes more profitable; as workers become more engaged in health and safety, they become safer resulting in less down time.  This service is great for organisations who want to strongly embed health and safety, but recognise that they do not have the knowledge or the time to do so.


Safewise offers a range of services to one-off clients. These include developing full health and safety systems, training, accident investigation and site reviews. This form of consultation is great in situations where you may have some health and safety methods already implemented and just need an extra helping hand. 

We also offer other schedules of consultation, please contact us for more information on what would suit you. We are here to support you and will work with you to gain the outcome you are seeking.


Safewise consultants are trained and experienced auditors. We will review your documentation, talk to your managers and your workers and review your workplace to get a full picture of how well health and safety is working. You will receive a full report highlighting positive points and recommending improvements.



Safewise is able to deliver a range of training courses directly to your organisation. These can range from hazard/risk management to accident investigation to contractor inductions.



Our consultants are ICAM trained in accident investigation. We will provide a comprehensive report with suggested corrective actions and paths for improvement. Collectively, we have over 10 years of accident investigation experience. We recommend accident investigation be undertaken for all accidents, particularly those which have resulted or could result in major injury or high dollar cost. Through a thorough accident investigation you are able to identify new hazards and mitigate the risks effectively.


Education is vital and Safewise delivers seminars to help organisations understand health and safety better. Our seminars are interactive so you can discuss your concerns and get some answers.

Refer to our Events Page or Contact Us if you would like specific training.

Accident Investigation
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