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Our working life is almost back to normal now we are operating in Level 1. Unfortunately, we know that is not the case for everyone. We lost some valued clients, people we like to consider as more than just clients. We hope that you are all coping and learning to thrive in this new world. Remember that we are here to support your health and safety management. Contact us if you need any help.



Congratulations to Sara and Tyson on the birth of their little girl. Rhyse was born on 7th June. She and Sara are doing well. We were very happy to meet Rhyse at our Team Talk meeting. She is a very happy baby and coped with being passed around for a lot of cuddles.



Our management clients will be aware that we bring marshmallow Easter eggs to our safety meetings before Easter. This year our meeting schedule was interrupted by COVID-19. We apologise to those who missed out, but the Easter eggs were donated to Kowhai Consulting who put them in packs to give to some of our needier children in Ngaruawahia. The children were very happy to receive them.



Each month one of our consultants (Tracey, Chantelle or Patricio) will provide you with a snippet of health and safety information. This month Tracey will chat about what she has been up to.

Tracey’s Tales

Over the month I have been busy auditing. I was the auditor once and supporting clients with their audits on two other occasions. Auditing is a good way of checking that you are doing what you think you are doing, or say you are going to do. They are undertaken for a number of reasons; internal compliance check, benchmarking, or your clients require you to meet a set standard. Safewise utilise audits as a way of ensuring we are helping our clients meet their required health and safety standard. We undertaken internal compliance audits with our management clients regularly. These allow us to look beyond the surface activities and identify positive actions and areas for improvement. Audits are not generally considered to be fun, but we look at them as learning experiences, helping us improve our systems and our clients’ health and safety performance


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