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Water and Climate Change

Water is our most precious resource in New Zealand, but we take for granted that fresh, clean water will always be available. The 22nd of March 2020 is World Water Day. This is an annual event run by UN-Water, the entity that co-ordinates the United Nations' work on water and sanitation. This year’s theme is ‘Nature and Climate Change’ and will focus on how water and climate change are inextricably linked. In New Zealand, changes in climate – such as high temperature and rainfall – are already occurring. These changes will occur to different extents across New Zealand throughout this century and beyond. As a company, are you prepaid with these changes? Here at Safewise we can assist with some recommendations. Things to do when working in hot weather:

Up your fluid intake. Try to avoid soft or caffeinated drinks.

  • Take regular breaks.

  • When working outside workers should be provide with ultraviolet exposure, such as, a wide brimmed hat, loose fitting, long sleeved, collared (preferably cotton) shirt, long pants, sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • Air conditioners or coolers to reduce air temperature and generate air movement.

  • Keeping people away from hot processes.

  • Make use of mechanical aids to reduce physical exertion.

What to do during a flood?

  • Buddy up, do not enter a flood area alone. Stay together and use each as security.

  • Do not cross a flooded river or fast flowing water.

  • Do not enter any water that you can see the water is flowing.

  • Move to higher ground.


What is a Health & Safety Representative (HSR)?

An HSR is a worker who is elected or selected for this role, who represent the health and safety interests of workers within their workgroup for a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU).

WorkSafe conducted an online survey to find out the motivations, experiences and challenges of HSRs in New Zealand. It also investigates ways of improving the support provided to HSRs in order to help them better perform their duties. Follow the link below to see the results of the survey.



Chantelle Voigt Chantelle joined our team in February 2020, after relocating with her family to New Zealand from South Africa. Chantelle has experience in a variety of sectors. She worked on a coal mine for 2 years as a Health and Safety Advisor. She then moved on to work for an electrical engineering and civil construction company where she fulfilled the role of Junior Health and Safety Manager for 5 years working with major State-Owned Entities as Eskom, Transnet and Local Municipalities. Chantelle is an energetic young lady who is confident about the work that she does. She is hard working and passionate about working with people.


Interactive - March Crossword

Use the clues below to complete the crossword, once completed email to and the first three with the correct answers will receive a surprise price.

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