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Happy New Year! The team at Safewise hope you all had a happy and safe summer break and that both yourself and colleagues have returned well rested as we know most of you had busy ends to 2019.




In 2020, NZTA will be building eight new weigh stations throughout the country and refurbish four existing weigh stations in order to better regulate and penalise overloaded trucks on New Zealand roads. In addition to the stations, scales will be built into the road and plate recognition cameras installed which will share the data, giving the vehicle limits before the truck will then be indicated to pull over. The technology upgrade will allow the compliant truck drivers to continue on their journey and will only indicate for the overloaded trucks to pull over (though the roadside sign can be adjusted for random logbook and other compliance checks). While trucks are only a small portion of vehicles on new Zealand roads, statistic show that trucks are involved in a larger percentage of accidents. This upgrade will allow NZTA and NZ Police to target safety in a much more efficient manor.


To celebrate the new year we are celebrating all successful new system referrals with a free driver pack or up to 5 free work station assessments*

Contact us with their details or have your friends or family contact us through Facebook, email or call 0800 SAFEWISE and tell us who referred them and we will make contact with you to arrange a drivers pack or work station assessment(s)

*note, the work station assessments need to be local to the Waikato, Auckland or Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane regions



Laura Etz

Consultant - BSocSci, DipOSH, GradNZISM

Laura has been employed in her role as health and safety Consultant at Safewise for 5 years. Prior to joining us at Safewise she worked as a Recruitment Consultant, where she was responsible for ensuring health and safety procedures and polices were implemented effectively, as well as leading the audit process for WSMP. Laura is tertiary qualified and experienced in both health and Safety and Human Resources and as a result is able to offer practical and effective solutions to her clients. She is HASANZ registered and is an active member of the New Zealand institute of Safety Management (NZISM) and HRINZ. Laura ensures she is up to date with all relevant changes in the health and safety sector. She is passionate about worker well being and ensuring health and safety is an integrated part of her clients business.

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