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Kids can't climb trees any more

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I know this isn’t a work problem for most of you, but it is near to our hearts. We all grew up climbing trees; it’s a rite of passage. There is no need to stop kids climbing trees. However, look at the trees. Make sure they are strong, and cut down any rotten trees. Decide if the branches are strong enough to support the weight of the kids. Look at the ground under the tree. If there is a kerb, concrete or brickwork, consider changing it. It’s okay to tell the kids which trees they can climb and which they can’t.

The situation has become so crazy that WorkSafe chief executive Gordon MacDonald put out a press release headed ‘Keep calm and keep safe’. In it he stated that “If a claim about the impact of the new law sounds far-fetched – then it almost certainly is”.

If you are not sure, ask for help from a reputable consultant such as Safewise Ltd.

*Extract from New Zealand Trucking Magazine June 2016

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