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We have been in Level 3 for a week now. Many people in our country have returned to the workplace, some of our children have returned to school/childcare. This change has meant yet another adjustment that we have had to make in our lives. How are you coping?

For those of you who have not visited our website in the last week, you would not have seen the latest addition to our page. There is now a Covid-19 section where we add information about the different levels, resources that we have created to help your business transition through these levels as well as links that we feel may be relevant to assist you through this time. This information is also shared to our Facebook page and our new Instagram page. Click the links below to take you directly to our pages.


Safewise is now on Instagram. We would love it if you could follow us! Just search safewisenz or click the link at the bottom of this newsletter.


Olive says her Dad keeps her safe. Here her drawing of him. Congratulations, Olive. It’s a great picture of your Dad!


Client Services and Sales Assistant

Sara currently fills the role of Client Services and Sales Assistant, though some may know her from her time filling the administration role. Sara has been involved in dairy farming for 10 years and has completed a Diploma in Agribusiness Management. Through her study and time in business, Sara understands the importance of having good, easy-to-manage systems in place and how crucial health and safety is in the workplace. As part of Sara’s role as Client Services and Sales Assistant, she creates the newsletters, manages our Facebook, keeps in contact with all of our wonderful clients as well as manages the marketing of our services. Sara has also plenty of customer service experience in a range of industries and her bubbly and approachable personality makes her a great fit as Client Services and Sales Assistant.

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